Providing for the Best Possible Rehabilitation Outcome

Telephonic Case Management

One of the services that Select Case Management Services (SCMS) provides for its clients is Telephonic Case Management (TCM). Most cases do not require the time and expense associated with the more interventional Onsite Case Management (OCM) Services. Many, if not most, cases can be managed appropriately and in a manner that is more cost-effective through a competent, experienced and effective TCM.

At SCMS, our TCMs are goal oriented and committed to early return to work, effective treatment and coordination of services to reduce case costs. Early involvement/intervention by a TCM has been shown to reduce costs, but more importantly to shift the case from a primary focus on deficits and incapacity towards an ability-oriented one. Early intervention through initiating Telephonic Case Management at the time of injury will avoid the pitfalls associated with limited communication and delayed or ineffective treatment.

As TCMs we identify and assess barriers to recovery and work as an advocate to promote the best interests of the injured employee who benefits from early effective medical care and return to work at light or modified duties. We also act as liaisons between the injured employee, employer, insurance companies, healthcare providers and other healthcare personnel. If the issues involved become too difficult or complex, or if the employee is not progressing in their rehab, we are able to provide Onsite Case Management services on an as needed basis or for full services depending on the case facts/needs

Within 24 hours of file submission, one of our Case Managers will be in touch with you to provide an evaluation of the case, discuss desired outcomes and deliver recommendations for the best next steps.