Providing for the Best Possible Rehabilitation Outcome

Maximum Vocational Potential Program

Vocational rehabilitation services are often seen as separate from medical case management though the goals are the same, to return the injured worker successfully to work. Vocational rehabilitation should be, according to 7110.10, instituted “when it can be reasonably determined that the injured worker will, as a result of the injury, be unable to resume the regular duties in which engaged at the time of injury, or when the period of total incapacity exceeds 120 continuous days, whichever first occurs.” Vocational services should be provided early on and not only when the individual has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). Vocational rehabilitation refers to the services provided when the injured worker for whatever reason is unable to return to his/her previous employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services or MVP Program include:

  • Vocational Assessment
  • Transferable Skills Analyses
  • Job Readiness Training
    • Job Search Assistance
    • Resume and Job Application Services
    • Interview Coaching
    • ADA Reasonable Accommodation Assistance
  • Direct Placement Services
  • Vocational Training – needed in absence of transferable skills per National Tea v. IIC
    • OJT
    • OJT/Supplemental Educational Programs
    • Skills acquisition/short term training
    • Long term training/education

Most injured employees have the requisite skills to find work without a formal training program. Most possess the transferable skills to find work at the level of income that they were accustomed to when injured. Therefore direct placement services are provided. Select Case Management Services provides a program that meets the diligent effort requirements under the Worker’s Compensation Act. We require the employee to follow up on 20 job “leads” weekly: a lead being an actual job opportunity in the labor market. The labor market is established through labor market survey if necessary. And the employee’s transferable skills are documented through a Transferable Skills Analysis if necessary.