Providing for the Best Possible Rehabilitation Outcome

Return to Work Program

Comprehensive Early Return To Work programs have proven to be highly effective in containing and reducing the costs of workers compensation.

Select Case Management Services provides assistance to employers in developing an Early Return to Work program that is designed to facilitate the earliest possible return of injured workers to the workplace, to perform meaningful, productive work within their physical capabilities. It may be referred to as: Modified Duty, Light Duty, Limited Duty, Alternate Duty, Restricted Duty, or Transitional Work.

Alternative Return to Work Program

If an Early Return to Work program is not available at the employer our team will find an alternate return to work option for the injured worker.

We will work with local agencies, hospitals, charities, community services, etc. to place the injured employee in a volunteer opportunity. The volunteer opportunity in which they will be placed will be within restrictions and within a reasonable driving distance from their home.