Providing for the Best Possible Rehabilitation Outcome

Effective Communication Equals Positive Outcomes

Medical Case Management Services are the initial steps taken in a case to secure a positive rehabilitation outcome through monitoring of the medical aspects of the case with the goal of returning the injured employee to the original employer. This service provides all interested parties in the injured employee’s rehabilitation with the medical information needed to effectively manage the case. SCMS keeps all of the parties informed of the injured employee’s status, need for further rehabilitation and return to work abilities. SCMS provides a variety of case management options to suit the needs of the employer including:

Early Intervention Telephonic Case Management

Our Early Intervention program provides early injury management. The case manager works diligently to establish lines of communication with the injured worker, treatment providers, employer and insurance adjuster to ensure the injured employee is receiving medically appropriate care while focusing on controlling medical and indemnity costs.

Telephonic Case Management

Our Telephonic Case Managers facilitate return to work by managing the file and providing a proactive course of action to address treatment, return to work and rehabilitation issues. The TCM assesses and identifies barriers to recovery. The TCM works as an advocate to promote the injured employee’s best interests in early return to work through appropriate medical care and light or modified duty.

The TCM also acts as a liaison between the client along with their family, employer, provider(s), insurance companies and other healthcare personnel. When necessary, the TCM will recommend Onsite Case Management for cases that are difficult and/or complex medical problems, where the injured employee is not progressing in their rehab or to attend independent medical evaluations when appropriate or necessary.

Onsite Case Management

We provide Onsite Case Management Services for cases that are difficult/complex, where the injured employee is not progressing in his rehabilitation or there is no or limited progress in the case. The Onsite Case Manager will attend medical appointments with the employee and discuss with the medical provider the employee’s need for further care, rehabilitation timeframes and ability to return to work. Onsite meetings give a better and more personal perspective, as well as provide insights into the dynamics of the care of the employee. Medical care, including restrictions, light duty, etc., can be explained at the time that the recommendations are rendered in the presence of the employee making him an active participant in their care. In this role the Onsite Case Manager will provide the employer, the insurance company and the employee’s representative, if represented a detailed report regarding the injured employee’s status, anticipated timeframes for rehabilitation and ability to return to work with or without restrictions.