Providing for the Best Possible Rehabilitation Outcome

Early Return To Work Programs

At Select Case Management Services, we have found that Comprehensive Early Return to Work Programs have been highly effective in containing and reducing Workers' Compensation costs.

Early Return to Work Programs facilitate the earliest possible return of injured workers to the workplace to enable them to perform work within their physical capabilities that is both meaningful and productive. This work can be classified in a number of ways, which include Modified Duty, Light Duty, Limited Duty, Alternate Duty, Restricted Duty, or Transitional Work. This assists workers by giving them the dignity of being able to function again in the workplace, as well as helping employers to have a member of the team working again. It provides for future focus and ability orientation.

Select Case Management Services understands that an alternative to Return to Work Programs is appropriate in instances where light duty or alternate duty is not available or is not a practical option. We can work to place the injured employee in a volunteer opportunity with a local agency, hospital, charity, or community service. The volunteer opportunity will be within restrictions and will be a reasonable driving distance from their home.

Select Case Management can assist you with the development and/or implementation of Return to Work Programs. Submit your file to us. We'll have one of our case managers get in touch with you within 24 hours. We will confirm that we have received your file, work with you in assessing the situation and offer recommendations on how to proceed.